Connectivity and Know-How Result in Award-Winning Big Ideas

(L-R: Bob Hope, Paul Beckham)
Bob Hope andPaul Beckhamare two of the most well-known names in public relations and have been since well before the inception of Hope-Beckham Inc. in 1994. We are delighted that they are featured as Power Partnersin the latest Jezebel Magazine! (see page 100)
Their vast backgrounds helped pave the way for a firm known for staying up-to-date on the latest trends in public relations. They’re often asked to advise clients how to navigate choppy waters, and their deliverables keep those clients coming back for more of their innovative ideas.
Both are active in the community and sit on numerous boards including Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau (Bob) and Emory Center for Ethics (Paul). They consider their clients “friends” and their “friends” are some of the most recognizable names in Atlanta (think Ted Turner & Hank Aaron). As members of Rotary Club of Atlanta, they never miss an opportunity to network with established businesses and start-ups alike.
According to this dynamic duo, “

Connectivity and know-how result in award-winning big ideas!

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