PR Trends on the Rise in 2018

Public relations trends are always changing and evolving. Let’s look at what is generating the most buzz this year in the world of PR trends now that we’re a few months into 2018!
First off, video is expected to be the main element used in social media posts, coverage and marketing plans. Ragan’s PR Daily reports that 80 percent of global internet traffic will be attributed to video by 2020. We have seen social media platforms get familiar with this trend over the years by introducing – “Stories” and live video streaming in applications like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. These new features have been extremely popular and are expected to continue growing. Be sure to incorporate video into your social media and marketing plans to engage your followers and create compelling content!

Secondly, PR pros will need to focus on the next generation, Generation Z. There are several differences between Millennials and the upcoming Generation Z which can be found in this Huffington Post article by George Beall: 8 Key Differences between Gen Z and Millennials
In summary, while Generation Z tends to be less focused on what’s happening in front of them, they are extremely talented when it comes to multi-tasking and – can be described as the “true digital natives.” “Though Gen Z can be less focused than their Millennial counterparts, in school, they will create a document on their school computer, do research on their phone or tablet, while taking notes on a notepad, then finish in front of the TV with a laptop, while face-timing a friend,” says Beall.
Generation Z also has an entrepreneurial, independent, “early starter” mentality. These individuals are expected to enter the workforce between the ages of 16 and 18 and may choose to forgo a traditional higher education route. Instead, they may take a more non-traditional approach and learn the skills for themselves. Don’t be surprised if you soon find yourself working with Generation Z. This generation was born into the world of technology, and they know how to use it!
The last trend is part of a movement that has been happening for quite some time. The end of press releases. For decades, PR pros have relied on text-heavy press releases that are often ignored if not properly written. The press release’s significance has steadily declined over the years, but public relations professionals are finding ways to reinvent it and are leaning more towards social media as an outlet. “The press release is being redefined for today’s digital generation. They’re more visual, embedding images, graphics and videos alongside minimal copy. They’re also more interactive, allowing readers to quickly navigate from one part of the ‘story’ to the next,” says Jennifer Zottola from Stern Strategy Group. We can expect to see lots of these modified releases with features like links, videos and button to directly share the information on social media.
We still have a long way to go in 2018 but with the help of these trends and changes, PR pros are sure to have the best year yet!
What are some trends that you have noticed this year so far? Send your responses to!

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