A New Decade of Public Relations

It’s hard to believe we’re already almost a full month into the new “roaring twenties.” What isn’t hard to believe is that the new decade means all sorts of new PR trends are on the rise! Here, we will look at what PR pros have already projected to see starting in 2020.

First up, in the realm of social media, Ragan Communications expects a heavier emphasis on social “stories.” Stories began as a SnapChat feature, a temporary 24-hour post that only your followers could see. Today, we see this feature on Facebook, Skype and even some dating sites. Stories have also become increasingly popular on Instagram where millennials use them as highlights and essential marketing tools.  Additionally, Facebook uses the 24-hour Stories feature to communicate with brands as well. “Facebook asserts that Stories inspire shopping and stronger customer relationships with brands. According to a Facebook-sponsored survey, 62% of people polled say they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories,” Ragan reports.

Next, Public Relations Today predicts a rise in interactive engagement. We typically see this now on mobile devices through Twitter Polls, augmented/virtual reality or even filters on several social media apps. “More than 90% of buyers are begging for more interactive content… If you’re spending on content, make it interactive, or you won’t keep your customers engaged—but you can bet your competitors will,” says Public Relations Today.

Last, Forbes predicts that 2020 will be the year of the micro-influencer. An influencer can be described as a user on social media who has secured substantial credibility within an industry. An influencer has a large following and, thus, a very large audience that can be persuaded. “You see influencers with large followings all the time, but do they really have an impact on their followers?” asks Forbes. Forbes Councils Member and author Darian Kovacs feels that a micro-influencer will prove to be more popular in the upcoming decade because they are easily tracked down, manageable and are willing to work alongside you rather than for you. She states, “These influencers are important for brands because they have built trust with niche audiences and can connect your brand to that audience. This makes it easier to narrow down the right influencer for the right task.”

What other PR trends do you think we will see in 2020?

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