Generation Z Paving Their Own Way

Lately, every time Generation Z is in the media it is negative. We have credited generation Z with killing many industries from chain restaurants, shopping malls and even magazines. As a member of Generation Z myself, I do not understand why everyone is blaming us for these new changes. Sure, we grew up with more technology, and everyone likes to say we always have our faces in a screen, but it also means we have more knowledge at our fingertips than ever before. Generation Z is not actively ruining industries, but we are trying to pave our own way into this world.

Baby Boomers and millennials are mad that their favorite chain restaurants and malls are going out of business and want to believe that it is because Generation Z thinks they are too good for these standard restaurants and stores. However, this new generation is cares more about their local community and would rather support locally owned businesses rather than large corporations. Blaming an entire generation for this problem is just not fair. People of all ages are changing their habits and preferences because new information is constantly available and society is focused more on a healthy lifestyle, which most chain restaurants are not. On top of being entrepreneurial, this new generation wants to be unique and showcase its individuality through its style, and that does not include stores that are in every city.

Another noticeable shift in media has been the decline of the magazine industry. Many magazines have stopped print editions and now only exist in the digital world. Everyone is blaming Generation Z for killing magazines, but the reasons are admirable. Generation Z is very focused on protecting the planet and trying to save resources. Since almost everyone already has a smartphone and another digital device, why not read articles on these rather than printing paper only to read it once and throw it away?

Every time a new generation takes over as the new purchasing power and workforce, there are cultural shifts. While everyone likes to blame the new generation, no one is commenting that older generations are just as bad. Baby boomers love their technology and from my experience, they’re on their phones and smart devices more than anyone! Generation Z is trying to navigate the world with new information and with this comes new traditions and lifestyles. So, if Generation Z is annoying you with all its changes, just remember, we mean no harm; change is not always a bad thing.

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