Influencers: A Trend That Never Goes Out of Style

After more than a year in quarantine, the world is finally getting back to normal! Individuals are being vaccinated and starting to take steps out into the outside world again. While many campaigns slowed during the pandemic, we did see one factor that remained constant and will likely continue to greatly impact the world of PR and marketing: influencers.

In the past few years, influencer impact has risen significantly and has become a must-have in communications and marketing campaigns. Brands are spending more on influencers in order to communicate with their targeted audience and explore new opportunities for engagement.

GoodFirms, a top-tier agency research firm, recently did a deep dive on influencer marketing trends to keep on file for 2021. Looking for their feedback on how to choose an influencer? Check out the chart below:

As you can see, engagement rates are extremely important when it comes to selecting the correct influencer for your campaign.

An influencer’s engagement rate shows how well the audience is connecting and responding to their content. For 69.2% of surveyed marketers, the engagement rate is the primary factor while selecting a partner influencer. Engagement rate is important because metrics like the number of followers don’t guarantee either that the audience feels connected to the influencer or that it perceives the content correctly.”

Another factor that GoodFirms reports: authenticity is key.

“Gone are the days when audiences on social media would be impressed with the lavish lifestyles of celebrities or influencers. In 2021, brands can expect an increase in preference for authentic and genuine content,” offers the report. “People will engage with an influencer only when they get to see their authentic and real-self.”

Running a smaller business or wanting to work with micro or nano-influencers? No problem!

“Nano and micro-influencers can actually prove to be committed brand advocates,” according to the GoodFirms research. “They are an ideal choice for small businesses that do not have a huge marketing budget but can definitely gain some benefit from a ‘word-of-mouth’ approach.”

In addition to this on-the-rise trend, GoodFirms also stressed the importance of measuring ROI and selecting the best influencer based on niche:

In conclusion, influencers are here to stay, and campaigns can be considerably impacted by selecting the right one for your small or large business.

Let us know how you plan to use influencers in the future! 

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