Setting a New Year’s Resolution…BAH HUMBUG

By: Allison Ritter

As 2021 comes to an end, many of us are thinking of the daunting task of setting a New Year’s resolution. Whether it is a goal for your personal life or an area you want to improve in your work life, resolutions are hard to set and even harder to keep, but they can be achieved. Here are five tips to help make your 2022 resolution a success.

1. BE REALISTIC Do not set resolutions that are impossible to achieve. It takes a lot of hard work to reach a resolution goal so pick one that you know you can accomplish and complete.

2. TRACK EVERY SUCCESS Keep track of every success, even the small ones. Short-term goals are easier to reach, and each accomplishment will help keep you motivated.

3. REWARD YOURSELF It takes discipline to stay on track with a resolution, celebrate milestones along the way by rewarding yourself with something you enjoy.

4. DO NOT BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF Do not get discouraged if you slip up and make a mistake while working on your resolution goal. Recommit yourself by starting over the next day.

5. KEEP IT GOING Experts say it takes approximately 21 days for a new activity to become a habit and six months for it to become part of your personality. Be patient, it will happen; just not overnight.

Bottom line is to stay positive and do not lose hope. You can do it. Make 2022 the year you finally accomplish a successful resolution. You will be glad you did.

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