What Does Your Candy Craving Say About You?

By: Allison Ritter

I have always loved Halloween with the costumes and spooky decorations, but what I loved the most was the candy! The best part of the night was getting together with my sister and our friends after spending hours of trick or treating and trading candy to make sure we got plenty of our favorite treats. Whether you are a chocolate lover, peanut butter fanatic, chewy candies fan or lollipop kid, we all have our preferred candy and that got me thinking…what does our favorite candy say about our personalities. According to Halloween experts, the type of candy you crave can say a lot about you. Who knew candy could be so powerful.  

Peanut Butter Treats  

Do you prefer the irresistible peanut butter flavored treats? If so, you are probably someone people consider bold. You are confident and have a positive attitude towards life. Your motto is “everything happens for a reason.” You seek out the sunny side in people and “go with the flow” with it comes to the journeys in life.

Fruity Chewy Candies  

You are full of energy and ready to “take on the day.” You are never one to shy away from strangers and are friendly to everyone you meet. Proud of your life’s accomplishments, you never miss the opportunity to tell others about your amazing experiences. Being in social circles is how you thrive and above all, you just want to make everyone happy.

Peanuts and Caramel

If you enjoy this classic candy bar, then you’re a total people pleaser. You love to entertain and always accept new friends with open arms. Your empathy towards others makes you a great friend and you’re always reliable. Your loyalty is unmatched, sometimes maybe to a fault, but you always do the right thing in the end and would do anything for others.

Candy Corn

You either love them or hate them. If you love them, then you likely have a love-hate personality. You are very competitive and have strong feelings towards things you like and things you hate. There is no in-between with you. Honesty and loyalty are two of the top qualities you look for in friends and colleagues. Being #1 is top of mind for you.

Sour Candy

You are an outgoing risk taker and love living on the wild side. You dislike boredom and always have fun in mind. Your friends and colleagues love being around you, even though you are somewhat of a troublemaker. No matter what the challenge is, you are willing to give it a try. Some would even call you artistic, crafty and creative. Above all, you live life to the fullest.

Only Chocolate Please!!

If you prefer milk chocolate, you are a low-maintenance person with an optimistic look on life. You tend to be the wiser of your peers and err on the side of caution. It does not take much to make you happy, but change is not something you like or handle well.

If you prefer dark chocolate, chances are you are classy and sophisticated. You do not “sit on the fence” when making decisions and you tend to “stand your ground” when it comes to your opinions. In the end, you make strong decisions and are full of energy.

Bottom line, there are so many types of Halloween candy and so many types of temperaments. Does your favorite candy match your personality? HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!