2023 is Well Underway…

By: Victoria Croft

Now that the New Year’s glitter has settled, and we are finished eating our heart-shaped Valentine’s chocolates, it’s safe to say that 2023 is off to a swift start. But where will it lead us in the world of PR? Let’s see which trends we may see soar in the new year and which practices will be left behind…

  • Influencers Continue to Rule

It’s no secret that traditional media is on the decline. Social media outlets continue to expand, and influencers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“It’s expected that brand spend with influencers will increase by more than 23% in 2023. Additionally, 80% of marketers found influencer marketing effective or very effective, and 71% say it produces better leads than other forms of marketing,” says PR Daily.

It is recommended that you invest in relationships with influencers with vast, but targeted, audiences. It may cost a pretty penny, but as we roll into 2023, influencer visibility will still be considered priceless.

  • Face to Face

Almost three years ago, a pandemic surged across the entire planet and changed our lives entirely. Working from home, Zoom and online events all became the new norm. However, as mask requirements were lifted and vaccines became available, people were able to rejoin the world and their communities again.

PR professionals, journalists and influencers are ready for more face-to-face interactions. While Zoom calls will likely still stay a major player in everyday logistics, it is expected that events and interviews will continue to rapidly progress to in-person settings.

“Face-to-face conversations yield more in-depth insights, and this PR shift is particularly applicable for critiques and discussions of sensitive or contentious matters,” says Entrepreneur. “However, brands should expect a rise in demand for in-person consultations and do what they can to make members of their personnel available.”

  • Ditch the Mass Pitching

Want to stand out to a specific reporter or outlet? Stop mass pitching and choose quality over quantity! Lean on a “small-batch” approach when sending pitches and leads.

“There are more PR practitioners and fewer journalists than ever before. Taking a ‘spray and pray’ approach is likely to be ineffective as journalists are looking for relevant, engaging content that is tailored to their publication,” says Beth Nunnington, VP of digital PR and content at Journey Further.

Let us know what else you expect to see in 2023 and which trends you think are SO “2022!”

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