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Blackhall Studios

Introduction to Atlanta

The Situation

Hope-Beckham was hired to introduce Blackhall Studios and CEO Ryan Millsap to the Atlanta business community. HBI leveraged its extensive network of business leaders and media contacts to facilitate introductions and placement opportunities for Blackhall Studios.

The Approach

HBI coordinated with Blackhall Studios to create an engagement plan as a guide for media and community engagement. HBI then conducted an initial assessment of the business community’s knowledge of the film industry. HBI invited Atlanta media to tour the film studio and provided a film industry fact sheet for attendees. HBI built a content calendar for Blackhall Studios and began posting on social media. In addition to this, HBI arranged the Rotary Film Panel. HBI prepared and coordinated the panel members, edited the presentation video, drafted key messages and run-of-show, sent invites to potential attendees, and secured attendance of key media. During the COVID-19 pandemic HBI worked to publicize in Atlanta the offer of Blackhall Studios to provide emergency medical space utilizing its now vast, but quieted studios.
Photo of the studio lot

The Results

The HBI team was able to connect Blackhall Studios with numerous important contacts in the Atlanta business community. In addition to introductions, HBI secured Blackhall media coverage in the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Film Chat and The CEO Show. The impact of aligning Blackhall Studios with appropriate business contacts is evident in increased brand visibility as well as a positive public perception.